I married an amazing woman from Sichuan, China. She is gorgeous, generous, kind, intelligent, hard working, and loving; every day I spend with her is a blessing. As I write this, she is 7 months pregnant with our first child. It is because of my deep love for my wife that have done something I never thought I would have done. I allowed for her mother to come and live with us in Cambodia for an indefinite amount of time. This is a record of some of the things she has told us (and done).

Friday, December 13, 2013

I miss you

Yesterday my wife got an SMS from her mother saying, "I miss you." 
So my wife calls her mother to talk some.

MIL: What do you want? 
Wife: I saw your SMS, so I thought maybe we could talk some. 
MIL: I'm busy watching TV now, so I don't really want to talk to you. Bye! 

(note: when she lived with us, she literally watched 14 hours of tv a day, she said back in China she only watches about 6-7 hours of tv a day)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crazy talk

(how could you not love a stud muffin like this?)

MIL: "You know, I thought I would be excited about the birth of my only grandchild, but I'm not.  I don't feel anything because you guys won't take my advice.  You won't even  let me tie his hands and feet together."

MIL finally cleans her hands

MIL just finished using the toilet, didn't wash her hands and went to pick up Dante.

Wife: "Mom, can you wash your hands before handling him? You just used the toilet."
MIL: "No."
Wife: "Will you at least use some hand sanitizer?"
MIL: "Fine" (MIL theatrically unscrewed the top of the hand sanitizer bottle and dumped the entire bottle on her hands and all over the floor)
MIL: "Happy? " (MIL stomped away and slamed her bedroom door shut)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

At the hospital

MIL: "Now that you have given birth, you can't eat any vegetables."
Wife: "Mom, the doctor told me it is OK to eat vegetables, and that they are good for me."
MIL: "Oh and now you are trusting doctors over your own mother?   Idiot!"

The truth comes out

As mother-in-law was leaving she told my wife,  "You know why I'm so mad and leaving early?  Because you won't listen to what I tell you to do.  I realize now that I have lost my control over you and that makes me furious."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to clean baby bottles

Just after I finished mopping up a mess around the changing table (I didn't know newborns were capable of spraying their feces over 2 meters)MIL takes the mop and the baby bottles and heads to the kitchen.

Wife: "Mom, you're not going to use that mop to clean the baby bottles are you?"
MIL: "Sure, why not, mops are for cleaning." 
Wife:  "The mop is super dirty, you can't use it for cleaning the baby bottles."
MIL: "You don't know anything.  Mops are fine for cleaning bottles." 

Dante has arrived!

My son Dante, born Oct 11.

(Chinese name: Shao Long)